Muscle Mary


Vane Gallery, Gateshead, Newcastle.

solo exhibition 4th March - 1st April 2023 

 Muscle Mary, 2023, installation view. Photo: Colin Davison

Muscle Mary explores the intersections between bodybuilding and queerness. He is interested in having one foot in one camp, and one in the other.

 Muscle Mary Blue Collage, 2022. Photo: Colin Davison

 Muscle Mary Camo Collage, 2022. Photo: Colin Davison

 Muscle Mary Versace Collage, 2022. Photo: Colin Davison

Wood showcased a ‘Muscle Mary’ live durational performance at the opening of the exhibition; an immersive bodybuilding queer experience, that brings both the Romney Marshes and a bodybuilding stage together.

Watch Jake Wood's Muscle Mary performance

Artist Talk

Jake Wood talks about his work in the gallery

Take a video tour of the exhibition

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